Monday, June 17, 2019


Frisco Football League
P.O. Box 2136
Frisco, TX 75034



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Pre-Season Training2/26/2013304.50 KBDownload
Referee Evaluation6/28/201470.37 KBDownload
Role of the Game Coordinator2/26/2013112.11 KBDownload
2014 Game Day Roster3/26/2014123.53 KBDownload
PlayerParticipationForm - Coaches6/28/201484.69 KBDownload
Practice Plan2/26/201325.50 KBDownload

Team Managers

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Procedures For Clock Operators2/26/2013184.18 KBDownload
Gift Ideas and Helpful Hints2/26/2013211.59 KBDownload
FFL Game Day National Anthem2/26/20131.51 MBDownload
Spirit Items2/26/201319.39 KBDownload
Roster Schedule Card2/26/201350.00 KBDownload
Roster Form for Announcer2/26/2013153.50 KBDownload
Announcing Clinic Flyer6/28/201494.05 KBDownload
2018 Sponsorship Form8/17/2018139.00 KBDownload
2018 Scholarship Form8/17/2018148.06 KBDownload
Code of Ethics1/30/2017215.72 KBDownload
Budget-Ledger2/26/201349.50 KBDownload
Banners2/26/20138.24 KBDownload


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Code of Ethics1/30/2017215.72 KBDownload
Cheer Player Participation Rule6/28/2014110.25 KBDownload
2017 Cheer Policies and Procedures3/22/2017604.47 KBDownload

Policies & Procedures

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2018 Policies and Procedures8/17/20181.05 MBDownload
FFL Bylaws8/16/201762.35 KBDownload
2015 FFL Concussion Return to Play Policy8/9/2015UnknownDownload
2018 FFL Policies and Procedures7/27/20181.05 MBDownload

Other Documents

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FFL Heat Safety Guidelines Heat Index2/26/2013240.88 KBDownload
Parents and Coaches Guide to Hydration2/26/2013279.94 KBDownload
Accident Report6/28/201468.16 KBDownload
CCCCmap6/19/20131.17 MBDownload